Welcome! I'm currently a second-year Master's student at the Machine Learning Department of Carnegie Mellon Univerisity. My advisor is Ameet Talwalkar. My research is motivated by developing ML tools and frameworks to benefit various end users, current including but not limited to the fields of neural architecture search and federated learning. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and History from Columbia University.

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NAS-Bench-360: Benchmarking Diverse Tasks for Neural Architecture Search
Renbo Tu, Mikhail Khodak, Nicholas Roberts, Ameet Talwalkar.
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Federated Hyperparameter Tuning: Challenges, Baselines, and Connections to Weight-Sharing
Mikhail Khodak, Renbo Tu, Tian Li, Liam Li, Maria-Florina Balcan, Virginia Smith, Ameet Talwalkar.
Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2021
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Towards Deeper Generative Architectures for GANs using Dense connections
Samarth Tripathi, Renbo Tu.